About Maldives

The Maldives is a nation of coral islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. Geographically, it is located between 72o 32' 30" E 73o 45' 54" E and 7o 06' 30" N to 0o 41' 48" S, which puts her just north of the Equator and southwest of the Indian peninsular.

The Maldivian archipelago consists of about 1190 small low-lying coral islands of which few of them are, just a meter above sea level. These islands stretch more than 800 km from north to south covering a total area of about 90,000 square km of which about 99% is water. 200 islands are inhabited while 87 islands are developed as resort islands. The fragile house reefs of these islands act as a barrier of protection from tides and waves. These reefs also contribute to the formation of sand and continuation of the life cycle of the marine species. It also acts as a habitat to thousands of tiny and large organisms.

The tropical climate, white beaches and rich marine environment have made the country a tourist magnet for the past 32 years. The Maldives as the 14th century Moroccan traveller described as "one of the wonders of the world" today is said to be second to none for sun lovers, beach wanderers, scuba divers and those who seek peace in its simplest form.

Tour Highlights

  • Magadh luxury Inhabited Islands 202
  • Magadh luxury Resorts 116
  • Magadh luxury Geographical Atolls 26
  • Magadh luxury Total Islands 1,190

General Information

Arrivals at Male Airport: Most of the international flights arrives in the evening or night time.

  • Magadh luxury The resorts which are closer to Male airport, transfer arrangement can be done by speedboat until midnight by the resorts.
  • Magadh luxury The resorts which are far from the airport, transfers will be done by seaplane. (Operation time: 0600 – 1600 hrs.), however, it is subject to weather condition.
  • Magadh luxury If the guests are not arrive as per the sea plane schedule then they have to stay 01 night in Male city hotel and on next day they can get transfer by sea plane.
  • Magadh luxury If in case the seaplane is not operating then the alternate arrangements will be bear by guests by their own.

Timing: All the transfer either by speedboat, seaplane or domestic flight are involve time. The guests has to wait at the airport to their schedule transfer. All the transfer schedule is decided and arrange by the resort only.

Please Note: Magadh Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd is not responsible under any circumstances if any resort or hotel change / withdraw their offer/ price or change their schedule of transfers, although the payment had been made fully / partially. It is totally depending on the suppliers (resorts/hotels, speedboat, seaplane and domestic flight). All the additional cost have to be taken care by guest or foreign tour operator.

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