Tamil Nadu & Barefoot Beaches Of Andaman

13 Days / 12 Nights
Madurai - Chettinad - Kumbakonam - Pondicherry - Mahabalipuram - Andaman

Tamil Nadu & Barefoot Beaches Of Andaman

This tour includes visits to some of the world's most renowned temples, beaches, museums and not to miss, water spot activities such as Scuba Diving, sea walk and you can also visit amazing beaches. This brings you the best of the ancient culture and heritage of the country.

Tour Highlights

  • South India Visit Athangudy Tile Makers & Handloom Cotton Weavers.
  • South India Enjoy The Bullock Cart Ride.
  • South India Visit Lost Wax Casting.
  • South India Visit of Shri Aurobindo Ashram.

Itinerary Map

Tour Itinerary

Arrive at Madurai Airport. Please clear immigration and visa formalities, collect your baggage and proceed to the arrival lounge through the green channel. MAGADH TRAVELS executive will wait at the arrival hall with a placard in your name to greet you. Thereafter you will be assisted with a transfer and check-in at hotel. Stay overnight at hotel in Mdurai.

Heritage Madurai, Madurai: Rings with historic charm that echoes in every hallway and every room. Lounge by the Olympic-sized temple tank pool, or luxuriate in a plunge pool in your own private villa. Dine under a 200 years old banyan tree, serenaded by bird calls while enjoying the perfect meal prepared by your own personal chef, perfectly tempered to your particular taste buds. Take a leisurely 'historic' walk through the corridors where every stone has a story to tell. There is more to Heritage Madurai.

Early morning visit flower market, later after breakfast at hotel visit Meenakshi Temple (The Meenakshi Amman temple) is the city's most important landmark. It is one of the five Sabhas [divine dance stages]. Apart from the face of Pilgrim and Education center, Madurai is a modern Commercial and industrial city. It is also famous for its trade mark Chungudi cotton sarees, color dyeing, motifs, Handicrafts, Brassware. Wooden Toys of Madurai is the favorite of the Young and Old as well. Visit the Gandhi Memorial museum & Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal. It was built by King Thirumalai Nayakar and it is 1 ½ km from the temple. This Palace is a classic fusion of Dravidian and Islamic architecture. Stucco work on the domes and arches are very attractive. It faced huge damages during the days of its existence. Lord Napier, the then Governor of Madras, had partially restored the palace in 1866-72. After independence, Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal was declared as a national monument and is now under the protection of the Tamil Nadu Archaeological Department. Evening enjoy walking tour of old Madurai. Stay overnight at hotel in Madurai.

Morning after breakfast travel to Chettinad. Chettinad is a region almost centrally located in the southern Indian state of Tamil nadu. Its a culturally and historically important region famous for its unique cuisine, agriculture and architecture. On arrival check-in at hotel. Later in the afternoon explore Chettinad Architecture; the home to the Chettiars, a prosperous mercantile community. Apart from many other things this place is well known for its fiery cuisine and architecture. Most of the palatial 18th century mansions that one will get to see here were built using materials imported from east Asian countries and Europe about 100 years ago. Also visit the Athangudy Tile Makers, a village situated about 10 Kms from Visalam is a place famous for its hand made tiles. There are over one hundred small scale tile factories in this village where the entire tile making process is carried out by human hands. Next visit to Handloom Cotton Weavers, The famed Chettinad's Cotton sarees and textiles are woven on in small handloom home units across Chettinad. A couple minutes walk away from Visalam is one such handloom unit making the most vibrant Indian textile. Evening enjoy The Bullock Cart Ride, you can explore Chettinad's old streets, temples, markets and antique stores from the comfort of a bullock cart ride; taking you back in time to a forgotten era. Stay overnight at hotel in Chettinad.

Visalam, Chettinad: It was the splendid house that KVAL Ramanathan Chettiar built for his eldest daughter, Visalakshi, in Chettinad more than a century ago. However, Visalam never became the lively family home it was intended to be and was used only for occasional family gatherings during the period following its construction. A half-century later it passed onto us bringing with it an unparalleled legacy and a technical challenge of the highest order. Today at Visalam, one of our landmark heritage properties, you can bear witness to an ambiance that still exudes the spirit of the times it was built in. Its character remains unchanged over the decades and faithfully recalls its original inspiration - the touching saga of a father's gift to his first daughter!

Morning after breakfast travel to Kumbakonam is one of the Oldest towns in Tamilnadu and its famous for its Mahamaham Festival . In the 7th century, It was the capital of chola kings. kumbakonam is located among the two rivers Cavery & Arasalar. The town is famous for brass, vessels, bettel leaves. It is primarily a market town for the predominantly agriculture based villages surroundings it. On arrival check-in at hotel. Later visit Kalamkari, visit Ramamohan's house in Kumbakonam. There, he is keeping the ancient artform of Kalamkari alive and thriving. A heritage passed on from generation to generation in his family, he is now carrying the artform into its new age. Kalamkari originated during the Marathas' rule over Thanjavur and was frequently commissioned by the royal family. It involves intricate art work on fabric, where the colours are extracted from natural sources such as flowers, barks, roots and seeds to make plant-based dyes on cotton. After that visit The Weaving of Pattu Silk, Wiggling through narrow lanes of Kumbakonam, you reach a place where mere strands of threads are transformed into something magical. The timeless technique of 'Pattu' silk weaving is alive and thriving in the hands of these master craftsmen. Watch them weave intricate designs into silk saris with fine gold thread. The entire process of hand-assembled wooden machines meticulously weaving silk is a mesmerizing experience. In the last visit the Lost Wax Casting, The ancient town of Swami Malai is home to a group of artisans called the "Sthapathis", who are believed to have settled in the area during the construction of the 'Periya Kovil', brought in by RajaRaja Chola. They are known for the timeless sculptures they created for this temple, leading to the popularization of their trade across the world. A visit to their workshop is a memorable experience. Watch master craftsmen use the 'Lost Wax' technique, using a combination of wax and soft clay from the river bed to make moulds for ornate bronze sculptures. Stay overnight at hotel in Kumbakonam.

Mantra Koodam Veppathur, Kumbakonam: It is a divine experience nestled in Veppathur, Kumbakonam – the town of 5,000 temples. The property is designed like an 'agraharam' – the characteristically Brahmin street lined with 'illams' (homes). It's a tribute to the region's heritage and its historic stature as a seat of power in South India. The living spaces offer a window into what was once a predominant way of life, where cultures, communities and traditions thrived in harmony. The chimes of the tolling bell that welcome you, are a precursor to the sublime experience that awaits. You step into a street modeled after a typical 'agraharam' – literally translating into 'garland of houses'. These houses, or 'illams', line both sides of the streets. The cottages are designed like traditional Chettiar homes – with large verandahs, Athangudi tiles on the floor, ornate Burmese teak doors and open-to-air bathrooms. Strolling through the property, you will come across lush green coconut groves, temple shrines and the occasional peacock that has made a home here. The landscape takes your senses on a much deeper journey, elevating your holiday to a higher level of transcendence.

Morning after breakfast day excursion to Tanjore. Visit the Airavateshwara Temple and Tanjore Royal Palace. The palace near the temple is a vast building of masonry built partly by the Nayaks around 1550 AD and partly by the Marathas. Two of the Palace towers, the armoury and observation towers, are visible from all parts of the city. Visit Brihadeeswara Temple or the Big Temple of God, built by the great Chola King Raja Raja (985 -1012) is an example of the magnificent achievements of the Cholas in the field of temple architecture. The tower over the inner sanctum sanctorum rises perpendicularly to a height of 15mts from a square of 28.8 mts and then tapers to make a total height of 64.8mts. An 81.3 tone monolithic stone slab adorned with winged niches on four sides caps the tower. After visit return back to hotel. Stay overnight at hotel in Kumbakonam.

Morning after breakfast travel to Pondicherry, the town is adorned with natural beauties of the Deccan Plateau; on the red soil the dense green trees create marvellous scenery, with trees majority of cashews, palm and neem. This city was ruled by French for about 281 years before independence, and a profound influence of Southern France is still very prominent. The medieval town of the French province, Pondicherry has managed to preserve its French aura, from its delectable restaurants offering French cuisine to streets bearing French names. The grand boulevards make Pondicherry a richly cosmopolitan city. The numerous palm-fringed beaches, splendid backwaters, fabulous tiny fishing villages and hamlets make it a beautiful town. The day is free to take stroll in the street of this beautiful town. Stay overnight at hotel in Pondicherry.

Pale De Mahe, Pondicherry: It is situated at the intersection of two beckoning worlds. One gently murmurs the spirit of Colonial France with its clean streets, neatly plastered bungalows and flower-decked balconies while the other envelops you in its salt and spice-laden air coming off the Coromandel coast of India in great animating gusts. The street signs in Pondicherry are unique and in several languages to aid the global traveler. Its urban character is a standing tribute to diversity. Historic buildings jostle against charming sidewalk cafes, trendy designer wear boutiques stand next to native sari shops and other upmarket commercial addresses share humble space with roadside bangle sellers and temple pilgrims in a bustling bazaar-like environment. It is these rich contrasts and counterpoints that we noticed, studied and infused into the soul of Palais de Mahe, which mirrors the twin faces of this charming seaside city in southern India. The style remains faithful to a historic past, while the experience on offer is a captivating blend of the old and the new making you feel like a traveler in time.

Morning after breakfast excursion to visit the world city of Auroville & it's famous Matri Mandir. Auroville, 'the City of Dawn', is a place that anyone with idealistic leanings will love: an international community dedicated to peace, sustainability and 'divine consciousness', where people from across the globe, ignoring creed, colour and nationality, work together to build a universal, cash-free, nonreligious township.

Matri Mandir "Temple of the Mother" in Sanskrit, this is the geographical and spiritual heart of Auroville. The outside is plated with gold, while the inside houses a space bathed in warm colored light, with white marble and geometric patterns. Following the paths in this space, you're led into the inner chamber, a stark white cylindrical hall centered around a gigantic crystal sphere. Later after visit return back to Pondicherry. Afternoon visit of Shri Aurobindo Ashram was founded by great Indian philosopher Shri Aurbindo Ghosh. It also houses a library, study room and sales emporium, Botanical Garden, French town Also known as The French Riviera of the East, it mirrors the French influence through its architecture as the city's plan was based on the French grid pattern. Some of the streets still retain their French names. Stay overnight at hotel in Pondicherry.

Morning after breakfast travel to Mahabalipuram. On arrival check-in at hotel. Later visit of Mahabalipuram. Situated on rocky outcrop amidst the beach and a lagoon, it is famous for its scenic location and the series of majestic Pancha Rathas. The splendor of the place is majorly contributed by the huge casuarinas trees, the silver sandy seaside and the traditional handicrafts. Visitors get surprised and intoxicated with the sumptuousness. Evening walk around the promenade beach. Stay overnight at hotel in Mahabalipuram.

InterContinental Resort, Mahabalipuram: Blends world-class luxury with a renascent Coromandel style, located within close proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mahabalipuram. Stylish hospitality meets contemporary comforts and conveniences in a 21st Century setting – a synchrony that echoes proudly along the many pillared hallways and corridors of the Resort. From the moment you arrive, you'll be pampered by the InterContinental's unobtrusive service and unparalleled amenities.

Early morning transfer to Chennai airport to board your schedule flight to Port Blair. On arrival at Port Blair, transfer to port to board your schedule ferry to Havelock Island. On arrival check-in at hotel. Stay overnight at hotel in Havelock.

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Andaman: Occupying 46 acres on the famed Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Andamans is a luxurious gateway to a globally significant biodiversity hotspot in the Bay of Bengal. After arriving on the island, guests are welcomed with a traditional song by our young Nicobari colleagues. Designed to showcase and nurture the island's natural resources, the resort is dotted with 50 modern luxury Villas on stilts under a canopy of Coconut and Palmyra trees; a contemporary haven built without cutting off a single tree. Guests can rest over the massive buttresses of an Andaman Padauk tree, ruminate by the water lily pond after a lavish massage or hit the treadmill at the fitness centre built around a majestic Mahua tree that soars up one level to the Olympic-length infinity swimming pool. The modish, 1580 sq. ft. plus residences in sustainable plantation timber are inspired by the dwellings of the Jarawa tribe.

Morning after breakfast day at your leisure. Stay overnight at hotel in Havelock.

Morning after breakfast day at your leisure. Stay overnight at hotel in Havelock.

Morning after breakfast day at your leisure. Stay overnight at hotel in Havelock.

Morning after breakfast transfer by ferry to Port Blair to board your flight .

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